MCN Workshop Part 2

Now let’s dig in. You should now have a hardware kit in you hands. Let’s take a look at what is inside.


GEMMA microcontoler

At the heart of our project lies the microcontroller. The GEMMA is a tiny arduino compatible microcontoller. It’s small size and small cost allows us to do fun things. For more information, see the complete guide here. Notice the USB port, battery port, various gold pins around the oustside labeled things like D2 (for digital 2), and a small black push button.

NeoPixel Ring

This is a ring of small lights that we can control individually to produce nearly any color in the visible spectrum. It’s pretty fun. There is also a great guide on how to use them.

Input Devices

There are a few different devices that we can use to record input to the GEMMA. This includes a simple push button, and two vibration sensors of different sensitivities (fast and slow), and a piezo.


There are a few other goodies in the kit too:

  • A USB cable to connect the GEMMA to the computer
  • A battery holder that will hold two coin batteries. But you don’t need to use this at the same time as the USB cable in plugged into the computer. The computer can power the device too.
  • A bunch of alligator clips provide a quick and easy way to connect electrical circuits as we build our system. Eventually, once we have the circuit we want, we will use a more permanent system such as solder or conductive thread.





Cover photo by Adafruit

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