Outdoor Tactile Exhibits

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Client: National Park Service, Nationwide, US

Role: Senior designer (both graphic and exhibit) and art director as an employee of the 106 Group. Sculpting by Blue Rhino Studio.

Primary goal: Design and coordinate fabrication of outdoor, tactile exhibits including Braille and raised letters.

Description: These tactile elements are primarily designed for the blind and low-vision. However, they are a prime example of Universal Design, where they benefit all visitors and provide touchable, interpretive content.

The process of making tactile exhibits involves first research into historical content including original illustrations or artifacts excavated by archaeologists on-site. After we plan the direction of the messages, we make a greyscale sketch illustration our design intent. With the sketch approved, we print Braille and/or raised letters in acrylic, and have a sculptor combine the acrylic and clay to make the sculpture to base the mold. With photos of the mold approved, the bronzing process begins, resulting in highly durable and interpretive bronze tactile ready to be installed outdoors.