This City Music Video

An interactive music video for the song
This City by Latona

Client: Latona and myself

Link: Launch the project here

Role: Video director, art director, editor, audio engineer and mixer, interactive designer, and developer

Primary goal: Create an interactive music video experience allowing users to edit video in real time or allow for a uniquely edited experience for each viewing

Technology used: XHTML, CSS, Adobe Flash, Actionscript 2.0


The project began as a recording session with my old band Latona. Twin sisters Jenn and Sarah had a new song and I was looking to learn more about running the console during a recording session. I engineered and mixed the session along with playing percussion.

Then, I was looking for an opportunity to make a music video to the track. Since the song was about growing tired with a city, we shot footage around town. I used three shots, one with each sister on a different bridge without any edits, and one a compellation of b-roll I shot around town all cut to change on beat of the music.

Then, I wanted to deliver the video in an interactive way. I chose to use Flash with two options for visitors:

  • View the video without any interaction, but allow Flash to edit the shots semi-randomly resulting in a new composition for every viewing
  • Let the user turn off the auto editing and edit in real-time themselves

To accomplish this, I used Flash to stream the three video sources and one audio source in sync, a difficult task pre-Flash 8.

The result is a unique music video allowing for user interaction.