Directly on the Mexican-American border, in the heart of the El Paso, lies Chamizal National Memorial. The Mission 66 era visitor center houses a theatrical stage and museum exhibit.

Client: Capitol Museum Services and National Park Service

Role: Exhibit design, graphic design, and interactive media planning as an employee of the 106 Group

Primary Goal: The National Park Service wanted to update their exhibits focusing on the harmonious settlement of a 100-year boundary dispute between the United States and Mexico. In today’s world of politics, in-fighting, and war, Chamizal National Memorial tries to remember being nice to your neighbor works on the world stage too.

We created exhibits valuing all nationalities stories related to the boundary dispute, including American, Mexican, and Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. The chief and members of the Tribal Council sat at the exhibit planning table as equals with the National Park Service. These many voices carried through the exhibits including audio and video moments in first-hand accounts in all three languages. All exhibits include both English and Spanish translations. Visitors follow the turmoil a meandering river created politically, and how leaders fixed the boundary, and the aftermath it caused everyday citizens.