An interactive media and graphic design studio committed to audience, interpretation, and accessibility.

What We Offer


Brainstorming, sketching, inspiring creativity, and experience narratives

Parts Specification

Recommending easy to maintain hardware and software plus cost estimating

Interaction Design

User interface design and visitor experience design

Graphic Design

2D layout and design, production-ready files, estimating, and fabricator management

Coding & Prototyping

Custom software development, wiring, soldering, and configuration

Installation & Maintenance

On-site installation, configuration, testing, quality-assurance, and training


STEP 1: Ideate

Brainstorming, Concepting, & Sketching


STEP 2: Create

Iterative Creative development process


STEP III: Deploy

ON-site Installation, configuration, & Training

Products Available

  • Video and audio players with recording and editing
  • Touch screen kiosks
  • Projection-based interactives
  • Physical computing while hiding the tech
  • Mood boards and graphic style-guides
  • Production-ready files ready to print
  • Accessibility reviews
  • Braille, audio description, and tactile elements
  • Plus more that we can dream up together

Commitment to Accessibility

We build every project with a commitment to accessibility and use of the principles of Universal Design. Exhibits are innately visual. We build in Braille, raised-letters, and audio description whenever possible. Text is legible with high contrast, spacious leading/kerning, and large font sizes. Prioritizing and providing accessible content is a proven way to improve interpretive experiences for all visitors.

You have integrity and care about collaboration. I have implicit trust with you. If you say you’re going to do it, you do, and it will be good.

—Regine Kennedy, Project Manager & Writer, 106 Group

But what does it cost?

Each project is unique. We can discuss scope-of-work and we prepare a free cost proposal. Larger projects have economies of scale. If you are trying to budget for a grant, here are some starting cost ranges based on different products:

  • Button-controlled Video Player: Mid to large video monitor, SD-card-based video player, arcade button selectors. Does not include text writing, video production, or fabrication.
    Cost: $10,000 to $13,000
  • Touchscreen Video Player: Mid-sized touchscreen monitor, SD-card-based video player with touch screen. Does not include text writing, video production, or fabrication.
    Cost: $12,000 to $18,000
  • Simple Interactive Kiosk: touch screen with audio, video, and interface animations. Uses a computer to drive the experience. Does not include text writing, video production, or fabrication.
    Cost: $15,000 to $30,000+
  • Graphic Design for 10 Panels: concepting with thumbnail sketches, two rounds of layout and design, print-ready production-files. Does not include writing or custom illustration.
    Cost: $15,000 to $20,000

You save me money because you’re faster and better.

—Steve Boyd-Smith, Project Manager & Writer, 106 Group

Let’s Brainstorm Together

Have a project in-process but are not ready to fully commit to an interactive media contract yet? Get our concepting package. This package gives your team a brainstorm session with your team and our Founder and Principal Chris Evans. He’s great in a collaborative creative session and can focus interpretive content, and iterate ideas. Use these ideas even if you don’t hire us for the rest of the project.

Cost: $300 but if you hire us to implement the project, that money is deducted from the larger contract. What’s better than free ideas?