Client: Farmamerica, Split Rock Studios

Role: Interactive design, Custom wiring and assembly, Hardware specification

Primary Goal: Use video to increase visitor’s pride in agriculture

Based in Southwestern Minnesota, the Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center, aka Farmamerica, preserves, celebrates, and promotes the state’s rich connection to agriculture. Visitors explore the evolving story of agriculture through sensory experiences like tours, farm animal interactions, and interactive exhibits. 

When Farmamerica refreshed their exhibits, they wanted to have visitors understand how agriculture provides communities with food, fiber, renewable fuels, and jobs in a more sustainable manner than ever before. 

Drumminhands Design designed and built a series of interactive exhibits focused on the how agriculture shaped Minnesota’s past and present. Visitors sit at a dining room table and choose videos about the farmers who produce their food. Small monitors hidden in the kitchen reveal where food originates in the state. A living room setting video player shows how farmers produce and conserve energy. In the end, visitors should increase a sense of pride around agriculture and farming in
their area.

Learn where bread comes from in the breadbox
Learn how farmers make and conserve energy
Learn where milk comes from in the refrigerator