Nestled downtown Minneapolis, Peavey Plaza provides an urban oasis to visitors in a busy city. The waterfall and pool activates the space, drowning out the sounds of the city. Designed by renowned landscape architect M. Paul Friedberg, Peavey Plaza opened in 1975. A notable example of modernist architecture, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2020, the City of Minneapolis revitalized the aging park, adding accessible ramps and a quarter-inch deep water basin allowing wheelchair access.

Client: City of Minneapolis

Role: Exhibit design, graphic design, and accessibility design as an employee of the 106 Group

Primary Goal: to interpret the history of the park, showcasing the modernist architecture, so visitors understood value of the architectural gem they frequent today.

The resulting outdoor exhibits showcase the vibrant history of the park. Wayside exhibit panels unravel the architectural details making Peavey Plaza so special. Designed with 3D modeling software, prototyped with 3D printing, a 3D bronze tactile element shows the original 1975 plan, allowing visitors to compare with the site today. The bronze includes Braille and raised prismatic letters, adding accessible interpretation.

I thought you and your team did an outstanding job on Peavey Plaza, particularly considering it was a really politically charged and sensitive project with a lot of very interested stakeholders with different perspectives.