Client: The McNay Art Museum, The Doseum

Role: Interactive Design, User Interface Design, Custom Software Development, Interactive Media Production

Primary Goal: Allow visitors to build their own exhibit using the museum’s collection.

The McNay reimagined their old gift shop space named The Studio. Here visitors can plan and design their own exhibits. The Studio invites all visitors to belong as artist and creator.

The McNay wanted a digital experience interfacing with objects from their collection. Drumminhands Design built a touch screen interactive where visitors filter and choose art. Interpretive and collection-based descriptions showcase the uniqueness of each piece. Once visitors pick their objects, they further customize colors and titles before projecting their exhibit in the space. 

Drumminhands Design also built an easy to update system allowing museum staff to update the list of available objects.

A view of the entire space
Filter and select your objects
Customize your theme, color, and title